Hello All!

Going up the trail for a hike in the Olympic Mountains

Hello all, Matthew and I (Robin) have decided to start a blog to share with the world our adventures in the NAVY, and in life as we know it. Originally, Matt is from Michigan and I am from New York, so we have mixed our two different worlds of culture, and are able to travel to different places depending on where Matt is stationed. Currently, we live near the beautiful city of Seattle, one of the greatest in the U.S. We have two dogs (Boxers) that I will be posting pictures of (Abbey and Brandy), and they are great dogs! We go on lots of adventures and trips. I will be doing a post of our winter trip from two years ago to London, and Paris! I will also be doing posts on our most recent adventure. I will even save a blog spot for my AQHA/APHA/PtHA horse Carlos (NoJuanLikeThisJuan). I am so happy to be starting a blog and I hope you all enjoy it as we learn about life, and the pursuit of happiness.


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