Safeco Field

Tonight we are going to a Red Sox game at the famous Seattle Mariners Stadium Safeco Field. Safeco Field is a beautiful stadium with high quality views and seats. It is not expensive to go to a Mariners game, and it is easy travel from where we live. You just hop off the ferry and walk there. I love the Red Sox and I haven’t been able to see them play in person in years. One of the reasons for this is that Fenway Park in Boston is old…really old, 1912 old. They have made some modifications to their stadium but ultimately the seats were made for people who were much smaller than we are and sometimes you get seats behind polls. Also, Red Sox games at Fenway Park are sold out years in advance because the Red Sox have been a rallying team for a few years now. I am really excited to watch Josh Beckett (Red Sox) pitch vs. Felix Hernandez (Mariners). Two of the best pitchers in baseball. I am also just excited in general to go to the game. I love baseball and so does Matt so it will be a lot of fun, and to top it off Seattle is beautiful.

Go Red Sox!

Also, on a side note, Safeco Field has a cover or a dome. They can open and close it whenever they please, and a lot of times they have to in the fall because it rains excessively hear when it gets close to winter.


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