London and Paris

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About two years ago (February 2010), Matt and I visited London and Paris around Valentine’s Day. We had an amazing time and he took me to a great restaurant on Valentine’s Day in London. It was an exquisite Mediterranean feast with belly dancers. It was something I had never experienced before. I would like to post some of the pictures from our adventure. We visited castles in England. One was built in the early 12th century. It was absolutely breathtaking, some of the views from that castle. It made sense as to why there was a castle in every town. This was a way of protection in the days of many rulers in one place. Before there were sovereign rulers in England, such as one King for the entire land, there was a King for every township or county. Therefore, there were many disputes over what land belonged to whom. These were trying days. Each Lord or King of the town set up some kind of fortress or as we know Castle. Many of the townships commoners would live inside the walls as a way to protect themselves, as well as the Priest or Clergy member. Depending on the size of the town depended on the rank of the clergy member. However, I digress. Here are some great photos from our trip in February of 2010 to London. I will also post our pictures from our journey to France as we visited Paris and I took some great photos there as well.


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