Tubal Cain Mines, 1 mile above B-17 crash site

We also hiked up farther on the Tubal Cain trail to the site of a B-17 plane crash about 60 years ago. The people flying the plane were on a rescue mission to Vancouver Island and crashed in the Olympic Mtns. They waited three days for someone to come and find them. Four men died in the plane crash, and four survived. It was so cool to get up to this spot and still see the plane wreckage. The four men in the crash that survived walked out of the mountains three days later. It took them three days to walk out, incredible. It is pretty eerie that they crashed just about a mile away from the mines. Now there is a trail. However, the trail to the plane crash is not taken care of by the National Forestry service. So at a time right now when you need spikes and sometimes snow shoes to get up there, imagine what it would have been like to try to walk out in the middle of January without equipment or food. Amazing hike!

Resting place of the B-17 Plane
Part of the plane wreck in a stream nearby.
The place where the plane crashed in the mountains. It wasn’t as beautiful that January Day.

2 thoughts on “Tubal Cain Mines, 1 mile above B-17 crash site

  1. I am wanting to do this also. My wife tutors special needs kids, therapy ect, What a coincidence. I am wanting to locate the impact site above as the lower remains are heavily travelled, vandalized and looted. It is unfortunate that so many have ruined this site over the years. It is not easy to get to the impact site and you can not see it from the lower debris field so it is rarely visited and largely untouched…Seeing it as it was left is an experience and a moment in history frozen in time. I am an aircraft mechanic for Boeing and a huge B-17 fan and my wife’s grandfather was a B-17 pilot so it all ties together with our interest. tragic brave men lost their lives trying to rescue others just to have people loot and destroy the crash site… Let me know how your trip was. Little too much snow yet looks like.

  2. Yes, I understand how you feel about it. But, if they (National Forest or Government) really cared to secure the sight they would have done something about it a long time ago. You have to naturally expect that people are going to loot, especially when a site is not protected. People are Humans, Humans are just like other mammals/animals, the natural instinct is always there whether we like it or not. That is what normal people do, unfortunately. It’s a tragedy, but at least the body of the wreckage is still there for people to see. Obviously there are small pieces scattered about but I try to find that stuff humorous that they tried to take pieces of it and gave up. Like I said, if the National Forest or Government really cared they would have secured the site or removed the wreckage a long time ago. Also, you have to remember that at some point in the 70’s they dropped a small bomb on it to try to destroy it completely, so that is the reason why some larger pieces are scattered around. I really enjoyed the hike but it is really icy up there so wear spikes or snow shoes until the snow line recedes. It might be okay to try without snow shoes at this point as it was melting when we were there.

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