No place like Home.

We have only lived in the Pacific North West for about 2 years now but we love it (not the weather) but the scenery and the short 1 month summers that we do get. This summer has been busy because I have been dedicated to work, school, and my horse. Matt has been dedicated to becoming an EDMC, or Electrical Division Master Chief, which is a very high honor in the Navy. I decided today that I would post some more photographs from my garden and some pictures of our doggies Abbey and Brandy (Boxers). As you can probably tell we love nature, and we do a lot of stuff on the weekends such as go camping, hiking, or taking the dogs to the dog park. I spend a lot of time riding my horse since he is young and a lot of fun to ride. Anyhow, I digress. Here are some recent photos of our garden and our most recent camping trip to Blake Island: A small island just outside of where we live near Seattle.

An Orange-Pink Blossom from My Rose Garden

This is an orange-pink blossom just blooming from my rose garden. I take simple pictures of my garden (sometimes close-ups) with my Nikon Digital camera, nothing fancy, and then I edit them on my macbook as best I can to create the best image. I try to do this as much as possible. This photo was taken just after the garden had been watered, hence the drops of water but I thought it was cool that my camera could pick up so nicely on the color and the drops of water reflecting the sun. I like to have roses on our granite counter-top inside the house but I try to wait to pick them until they are near-dying since they don’t last very long after you have picked them. I am so glad Matt and I have had such a green thumb as of late.

A Buck on Blake Island, our most recent camping adventure.

This is a picture of a buck on Blake Island. Blake Island is a small Island in the Puget Sound just east of where we live near Seattle. I took this shot as he was walking away from me when I was out on my trail run in the forest. It was so great to see all the animals up close. I have never had deer come this close to me. They are very well protected on Blake Island so they are not afraid of people. I tried to edit this photo as best I could on the computer. He obviously had something to do that day since he was headed back into the forest. I thought it was cool how the sun lit up the foliage in the middle of the woods like that. It almost gives the forest an angelic feel to it.

A photo from our camping spot on the beach of Blake Island.

Something else that was neat about Blake Island was that the drift wood is protected, so you had to bring your own firewood. However, the drift wood was quite beautiful and you can see that there is so much of it. I really like this photo, because you can see the calmness of Puget Sound and a boat out on the water. In order to get to Blake Island you have to take a boat. If you take a larger boat the smart thing to do would be to park away from shore since the tide change here is the largest in the world. About 9ft, high and low tide.

A doe and fawn on Blake Island

I know this shot is quite blurry, but I thought it was cute to see a Doe and a Fawn on Blake Island and I wanted to capture the nurture that a mother gives it’s child in nature.

A shot of our garden through the Lavender

This is a shot of our front garden through the Lavendar, what great success we have had since the beginning of spring with this project! The Lavender is my favorite.

Another shot of our garden through the Lavender.

I did not edit these last two shots since I like the color.

A shot more of the Lavender

Images Of Our Garden, August 2011

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