Chicken Hobbyist

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I truly haven’t picked up my camera in years, as I am not, nor will I ever be, a photographer. I also have neglected this page that I genuinely thought I would dedicate more time to keeping.

On a side note, I teach Special Education. Thus, my life is consumed by the world of education and all of its glories and failures.

Yesterday, I dusted off my camera and went out to take some photos of my chickens. It’s the middle of the winter here in the Pacific North West. Thus, very green and mostly cloudy, with a deluge of rain on the side. I admit, I’ve taken better photos in the past, but given it’s been on a shelf for years, this will do. Hope you enjoy a little slice of my hobby.

These are the first chickens I have raised from the time they were chicks. I admit, I probably would have had an easier time had I just bought them as pullets (older juvenile chickens), but I decided I would test the theory of raising chicks of my own for once. It was well worth the time, effort, and money. They grow very fast, as you can see. They are 5 months in these photos.DSC_0085DSC_0103

We built the coop about 4 years ago. At that point, we only had four chickens.DSC_0207

Currently, we have 10 chickens in a variety of breeds.

Breeds Left to Right: (Light Brahma, Easter Egger, Buff Orpington, Buff Brahma, Welsummer)
Easter Egger (Front) Welsummer (Back)
Buff Brahma (uncertainty about the origin of the Breed, chicken experts believe it originated in Asia.)
Light Brahma

Before raising chickens, I never knew there were so many breeds to choose from depending on what you are looking to get out of them (e.g. some people use them for exhibition, eggs, and meat). Included in these photos are shots of my cats as well. I am so rusty, that I wanted to take photos of them first just to make sure my damn camera still worked.

Speckled Sussex

I suppose I will need to use my camera more often. I’m no expert, and will never claim to be.