Mt. Townsend Ridgeline

Mt. Townsend Ridgeline

Another photo from Mt. Townsend hike.


Mt. Townsend Day Hike and Photo Opportunity

Mt. Townsend Day Hike and Photo Opportunity

This is a view from the ridge line of Mt. Townsend on our day hike on Friday. The ladies were hysterical and the views were unbelievable! In this photo, you can see Mt. Tyler, another hike I plan to do before the end of the summer.

Neighborhood Wild Flowers

The summers in the Pacific North West are quite short. However, there are indeed quite beautiful as well. I was on a walk the other night with my fiancee and our two Boxers and I brought along the camera with the intention of taking photos to some of the spring/summer mix flowers native to the Western Washington area. This place is alive and blooming in May, mostly with Rhododendrons and other types. I have posted some of my own photos as well of the native flower called a Fox Glove. It actually has a poisonous stalk if you touch it and then eat foods with your hands, so make sure if you have these flowers, to wash your hands well if you touch them. I also have taken photos of my roses as well. Enjoy!

These are the beautiful purple flowers I saw on my walk the other day.