Neighborhood Wild Flowers

The summers in the Pacific North West are quite short. However, there are indeed quite beautiful as well. I was on a walk the other night with my fiancee and our two Boxers and I brought along the camera with the intention of taking photos to some of the spring/summer mix flowers native to the Western Washington area. This place is alive and blooming in May, mostly with Rhododendrons and other types. I have posted some of my own photos as well of the native flower called a Fox Glove. It actually has a poisonous stalk if you touch it and then eat foods with your hands, so make sure if you have these flowers, to wash your hands well if you touch them. I also have taken photos of my roses as well. Enjoy!

These are the beautiful purple flowers I saw on my walk the other day.

Port Townsend, A Point of Beauty in the Pacific North West

Port Townsend, where the sky meets the sea, and the Puget sound comes together with the Juan De Fuca Straight on a beautiful sunny day in late April 2012.

During late April, we decided that we would take a sunny side trip on a beautiful day to Port Townsend. Port Townsend is a Northwest Point where the Puget Sound meets the Juan De Fuca Straight. It was a beautiful sight. Here are some pictures I have shot from that day. Trying to share the beauty of this place.

Port Townsend Point Light House. Guiding ships in and out of Port through the Puget Sound (in), and out through the Juan De Fuca Straight. Sometimes from this point you can see Orca whales if they are traveling.
I took some quick shots of some people combing the beach at Port Townsend Point. Often the beauty that we experience does not reflect well enough in the photographs we take of it.

Besides the light house and the beach there is also a nice little town with a boardwalk that you can check out while you are there. It has shops and quaint little eateries.

P.S. We are having our wedding on July 28th, 2012….be prepared for some awesome wedding photographs from Albany, NY.

Hopefully from there we will visit Cape Cod, Mass. in late August, early September and I will take some fabulous pictures of my favorite place in the whole world.

Boardwalk of Port Townsend, you can see the Olympic Mountains in the back round. Pretty awesome view from here.