Creating an Urban Chicken Coop


We are building an “urban” chicken coop in our back yard in order to have fresh eggs. Beginning with a frame. It took a whole day just to lay the bottom frame. It also was unusually hot for the Kitsap Peninsula.

Day 2:
Coop Frame Part 1


Part 2:
Finished frame, with coating of stain and galvanized steel mesh.





Some Photos from the Horse Photo Shoot by Gretchen Porton

Here are some samples of Gretchen Porton’s fabulous photography skills. She came to the barn and shot some photo’s of the horses and their owners, including myself and NoJuanLikeThisJuan (Carlos). Check out her skills! They are magical. You can book your own appt. etc at her website, you won’t be disappointed!

Carlos (NoJuanLikeThisJuan) and ILooking at Carlos
On Carlos (My Horse) bareback.

Hope you enjoyed these! I love this horse, and thanks so much to Gretchen for taking time out to catch it all with her camera! Thanks also to Karma for blessing me with her wonderful training skills, and to my love Matt for supporting me in everything that I do!

P.S. I will be ordering some pictures for myself and my family very soon, no worries.