Creating an Urban Chicken Coop


We are building an “urban” chicken coop in our back yard in order to have fresh eggs. Beginning with a frame. It took a whole day just to lay the bottom frame. It also was unusually hot for the Kitsap Peninsula.

Day 2:
Coop Frame Part 1


Part 2:
Finished frame, with coating of stain and galvanized steel mesh.




The Evolution of My Cherry Blossom

The Evolution of My Cherry Blossom.

The Evolution of My Cherry Blossom

Looking up into the tree_edited-3

Looking up into my magnificent Cherry Blossom Tree.


Playing with the back round lighting on elements.

cherry blossom 2

Just budding…

The Evolution of My Cherry Blossum

A Pacific Northwest Spring Phenomenon. No matter how cold, warm, etc. it is. My Cherry Blossom blooms without fail every spring at about the end of March. Just spectacular! I decided I would document it’s progress. Here are some photos of the first stages of it’s magnificence and glory.

The Sea





The sea is a mysterious place. One may look upon it and see his or her very own soul.


Today I played with my new Adobe CS6 Extended and I made some of my canon beach photos into oil paintings. Here is one I wanted to share with you.

Abandoned Light House

Abandoned Light House

There is an old abandoned Light House in the back ground. Just thought the lighting captured it’s silhouette nicely in this photo.


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